• SWAS & Kiosks.

Let us sweat the small stuff

You’ll barely notice we’re there

We have expertise and knowledge in executing a clean, quick, and minimally invasive setups of SWAS (Shop Within A Shop) and kiosks.

Over the years Prodigy has been responsible for thousands of SWAS (Shop Within A Shop) and kiosk rollouts for both retail and financial applications. Our in-house project managers and installation teams have explicit knowledge required to effectively implement these time sensitive and location invasive projects, with minimum disruption to our clients’ operations. Communication is key when constructing a new SWAS location over a several night period or when installing kiosks over a ten to twelve hour afterhours window. Our teams have devised time effective and efficient installation protocols whether we are required to implement these projects within a big box, shopping center, or airport environment.

We are flexible to meet your project needs

At Prodigy we are flexible, efficient, and reliable when it comes to these time sensitive, complex rollouts. We leverage our vast internal networks for the successful delivery of these rollout initiatives, so that our clients can focus on higher objectives.

We’ve got it down to a science

We would love to lead the successful setup of your next SWAS or kiosk.

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