• Programs.

Revitalizing your environment.

Big or Small Projects, Inside and Out

Our special programs are quick, executional plans that complete installation or construction based projects across different locations and cities.

Prodigy delivers creative solutions for large Specialized Programs which are designed with large overall scopes. These can fall over an accelerated time frame and over a multitude of sites. Whether we are working with construction or installation-based renovation projects, we can accomodate interior or exterior refreshes that comprise of an entire building or sections within a retail or commercial space.

We can minimize disruption

We have extensive experience in strategically completing building renovation programs that involve a variety of stakeholders. Our team of professionals work with our clients to ensure minimum disruptions to daily operations for these large format rollouts, all the while adhering to an accelerated schedule.

We’ve got the team to get it done

Whether your renovation project is across 10 cities, or 20 locations, or needs to be completed in seven days, we can provide a solution to get the job done.