• General Contracting

    Our employees take pride in the relationships they’ve developed with subcontractors and partners


General Contracting Provides Us With a Foundation

This allows us to tailor our services to your specific needs.

Through the use of detailed schedules, specialized safety plans, and effective cost control measures, our project management teams possess the ability to closely monitor and quickly identify issues that could impact the project timeline and budget. Our experienced team will oversee the day-to-day on your projects and manage resources effectively. We are sure to providing you with confidence in your construction team to complete the build on time and budget. 

Our Process

All tenders that come to Prodigy are reviewed by our estimator who will determine whether the requirements of the specifications are met. Following this, a lump sum price contract will be awarded and entered between the successful contractor and the owner. Upon completion of this process, we can being construction on the project.

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We always look forward to working with new and old clients, and we thrive on helping them bring their project to life.

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