• The Prodigy Fund

    Making a difference in these difficult times.

    The Prodigy Fund takes pride in giving back to the local communities across Canada and the United States.


Social responsibility lies at the foundation of our company

Prodigy is a firm that takes pride in giving back to the local community. The Prodigy Fund provides philanthropic support to various charities and causes in Canada and the United States and is responsible for over $1 million in registered donations since its inception in 2016. These charities include: 

  •  Independent School Full Yearly Scholarships (various throughout Canada)
  • National Giving Programs (Cancer, Depression)
  • HIV Awareness and Support Program Funding (Canada + United States)
  • Indigenous Charity Support (Canada)
  • Youth Entrepreneur Programs (Canada + United States)
  • Local Food Bank Charities Support (Canada + United States)
  • Local Housing and Addiction Program Funding


Our Commitment

“We have an undeniable responsibility to provide support to those who need it the most and in the markets’ we touch.”

– Justin Madhany, Partner and Chair of The Prodigy Fund

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