• Safety

    The most important part of our business


We hold a high level of responsibility to keep our workers safe

The safety and wellbeing of our project teams on site is a priority for Prodigy.

We believe each of us at Prodigy, regardless of the work we do, plays a vital role in achieving a “Hazard Free” work environment. Prodigy’s Health and Safety standards continue to be above government requirements in our industry; and our Corporate Health and Safety Program has earned us a safety record that consistently exceeds the national average by 99%. In addition, we continue to receive the lowest WSIB and WCB ratings per province/state for our category.

We are committed to the protection of all of our employees and assets, and as such strive to ensure all of our employees understand the importance of our “Corporate Health & Safety Program.”


Our Responsibilities are Enforced Though a Series of Measures:


  1. 100% commitment to “Prodigy Corporate Health & Safety Program”
  2. 100% compliance with the individual provincial/state Health and Safety Acts
  3. Employment of a Prodigy National Health and Safety manager
  4. Ensuring employee’s complete annual health and safety training (WHMIS, Fall Arrest, First Aid, Forklift, Etc.)
  5. Regular site safety and “Tool Box” meetings on ALL construction projects
  6. Continued maintenance of company tools, equipment and vehicles

We ensure our workers are safe

Worksites increase the likelihood of health and safety concerns. Because of this, we guarantee that every site will have at least one worker that has extensive first aid training. This gives us tools to deal with any high-risk situations that may arise.