• Partnerships

    Aligning ourselves with members as a reflection of our standards


We align ourselves with partners founded in integrity

Our partnerships across Canada and USA reflect our core values and our standards for safe and efficient workplaces.

Prodigy is proud to be a member of many municipal and federal construction associations in Canada and the United States. We believe that as a firm, it is important to represent and align ourselves with the various organizations in our industry, which so valiantly establish and maintain standards in promoting a safe and efficient workplace. Some of the memberships are proudly listed below:

  • Toronto Construction Association (TCA)
  • Retail Council of Canada (RCC)
  • Association for Retail Environments (ARE)
  • Leadership in Energy & Environmental Designs (LEED)
  • British Columbia Construction Association (BCCA)
  • The Associated General Contractors of America

Over the coming years, Prodigy aims to open up our doors to many other associations that reflect our goals and standards.

We’re dedicated to progress and collaboration in our industry

At Prodigy, we believe in leading the construction industry with professionalism and innovation.

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