• Environment

    Environmental responsibility is not just an afterthought


Preserving the environment is at the forefront of our plans

At Prodigy, we believe that sound business practices and strategies can lead to a stronger, healthier environment. We aggressively pursue technologies and processes that save energy and natural resources while reducing emissions and other waste products. Our goal is to minimize our environmental footprint and safeguard the environment, now and for future generations. Responsible environmental management is central to our success as a leading construction and installations company.


We have taken the following steps in order to reaffirm our commitment to the environment:


  1. Corporate energy conservation programs
  2. Alignment with environmentally sound suppliers, vendors and trades
  3. Environmentally safe and approved building materials and products
  4. Corporate Educational activities promoting recycling and conservation

What’s good for business doesn’t have to be bad for the planet

With each project, we strive to meet modern-day needs without compromising the future. While this can oftentimes be challenging we understand how imperative it is to promote sustainability in a resource limited world, especially considering the field of work that we are in.

Our commitment to the environment

Grounds our business and practices in integrity while inspiring our team to find and use sustainable methods to preserve the earth.